Welcome to RPGamereview.com

There are so many RPG games out there
today. One would be hard-pressed to play them all. Not to mention, some
really are not worth playing!

At this site I will go over RPG games that I have played and explain
why they are good, and sometimes bad, and let you know if they are
really worth your time. Because, as we all know, time is a rare

So Many Games So Little Time

I have been playing video games since I was about 5 years old back in
1989. I say about because that was over 30 years ago! Who remembers
that long ago!? I sure don’t, but I believe it was around that time that
I first really started to play video games. Shortly after that, I
played my first RPG, Final Fantasy.

Now that I had a taste of RPG gaming I was hooked. From then on my
favorite type of game was RPGs. Don’t get me wrong, I play other game
types like strategy, MOBA, FPS, and a few others. But my go to is and
always will be, RPGs.

There is so many aspects to RPGs that I love. You have a great story
(normally), you have progression, you have customization, and something I
really like is when you get that crazy over the top combat. All of
these things are normally in RPG games.

All RPGames are NOT Created Equally

So you are here I am going to assume you enjoy RPG games as well. I
also assume you are well aware of the fact that RPG games are quite
time-consuming. Now with gaming as popular as it is, there are so many
RPG games to play and many of us just don’t have the time to test them
all out.

That’s where RPGamereview.com comes in. I will review new(and old)
RPG games and give you a no nonsense review. Every review will have two
main parts. The full review and a quick TL:DR rundown that will explain
what different elements the RPG has and to what degree as well as
whether I personally like the game or not.

I am well aware that my likes and dislikes will not match everyone,
or even most people. That is why I will always put in the different
elements of an RPG that the game has and how prevalent it is. Granted
some of this will still be opinion based but there will also be more
facts supporting that opinion which will make it easier for you, as the
reader, to make you decision to play the game or not.

Your Gaming Time is Important

Here at RPGamereview.com I hope to give you an informed and useful
review of many RPG games. With this information you will be able to
select a new RPG game to play and enjoy without having to test out a
bunch of different games to find that one you love.

Feel free to leave comments and questions with each post because I will respond!

Good Hunting